The following resources provide an overview of permits and registrations required for new or expanding dairy operations in Kansas.

Dairy Farm Licensing Guide
The licensing guide was developed to serve as a broad tool for determining licensing and permitting requirements required in order to operate a dairy in Kansas. Click here to view the licensing guide.

Kansas Department of Health & Environment
Any facility that confines more than 300 animal units or has a daily discharge must register with KDHE. The need for additional permits and nutrient management plans will be determined based upon the number of animal units and pollution potential. Consult the Environmental Regulatory Guidance for Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations for further information on permitting requirements in Kansas.

Permit applications and other resources are available from the KDHE Livestock Waste Management Section.

Tip:  A list of private consultants can be requested through the KDHE Livestock Waste Management Section by calling 785-296-6432.

Tara Mahin
Bureau of Water
Livestock Waste Management Section
1000 SW Jackson St., Suite 420
Topeka, KS 66612-1367

Phone: 785-296-5550
Fax: 785-296-5509

Kansas Department of Agriculture – Division of Water Resources
The Kansas Department of Agriculture’s Water Appropriation Program administers the Kansas Water Appropriation Act and rules and regulations pertaining to the management of water resources. This program issues permits to appropriate water, regulates water use and maintains records of all water rights in the state.

Tip: As you consider the purchase of water rights, be sure the water is physically present and available. Some water appropriations were made many years ago when water availability was different and does not accurately portray current conditions. Also, keep in mind the water rights purchased that are currently used for irrigation will require a change of use to a stockwater right to be used for livestock facilities.  There are different water use limitations for livestock use when compared to irrigation used and may result in a loss of as much of 1/3 the appropriate water right.

Kansas Department of Agriculture
Water Appropriation Program
1320 Research Park Drive
Manhattan, Kansas 66502-5000

Phone: (785) 564-6640
Fax: (785) 564-6778

Kansas Department of Agriculture – Dairy Inspection Program
The Dairy Inspection Program of the Kansas Department of Agriculture issues a permit to each Kansas dairy farm that sells raw milk. 

The Grade A Producer Information Packet gives new Kansas Dairy producers some information concerning the construction and operation of a dairy farm in Kansas. Suitable plans for new construction must be submitted to the Kansas Department of Agriculture and approved before starting construction.

Kansas Department of Agriculture
Dairy Inspection Program
1320 Research Park Drive
Manhattan, Kansas 66502

Phone: (785) 564-6700